This is the chronicle of my journey to find the electronic cigarette, or e-cig, that will satisfy me and keep me from buying and smoking analogs. I have just recently entered the world of “Vaping”. So far, I have not found the perfect kit, but I have tried several that had good and bad points. I am trying to document what I find so that others in my situation don’t end up spending as much money as I have. According to almost every e-cig website, this is supposed to be cheaper than smoking … Yeah, Right … not by a LONG shot!

If you are trying to quit smoking, be aware that there is no “Perfect” e-cig, at least not that I have found yet. Don’t believe what you read, a “Cartomizer” or “Carto” will NOT equal to a pack of traditional cigarettes or more! Most companies will try to have you believe this, but the reality is that if you smoke a pack to a pack and a half per day like I did, then you WILL use at least 2 if not 3 cartos per day, especially early on when you are trying to figure out which flavors and nicotine levels work best for you. Vaping is a personal experience, and the best anyone can hope for is to get relevant advice, but no two people will have the exact same tastes or experiences with any given product.

With luck, my notes and reviews will provide useful to others so that they can quit smoking easier. I have tried almost everything, Patches, Gum, Prescriptions, and now E-cigs. So far, the E-cigs are working better than anything else has, although so far it has been difficult.

I’m hopeful over time that I will get a chance to review more products, and help others on their journey.

Happy Vaping!


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