IPV D2 Review

This is my review of the Pioneer4You IPV D2, hereafter referred to as simply the D2.

I bought this from Ashley over at Wake and Vape, and I have to say I am truly impressed with how fast it got to the east coast from California.

As for the D2, my first impression is that this is the mod the IPV Mini 2 *should* have been!

Initial Impressions: The D2 is using the Yihi SX-130H chipset at 75 watts with temperature control up to 50 joules. It is TINY, but has a mostly (I’ll get into that later) solid feel to it. The display is bright enough to read in full sunlight *when holding the firing button*, but the standby brightness is too low for my liking. The buttons feel very nice and provide a good positive feedback when pushed. Unlike most of the newer mods, you can’t change the display for left/right handed vapers, so it is backwards for me. The other thing with the display is that it is inset to the device, meaning that it won’t be quite as subject to scratches as the Mini 2 was. The charge port is NOT a traditional micro USB port, it is a small “barrel” design, like cell phone chargers of 10 years ago. The cable is about 8″ long with a USB on one end and the barrel connector on the other. This means you have yet another cable to keep track of if you use the USB charge option. I don’t know why they deviated from the standard micro USB, but they did.

Operations: The SX-130H chipset is very simple, there are not a lot of options for people that really like to customize their vaping experience, but there are enough to make most people happy. Clicking the fire button 5 times takes you into the menu mode, where you can select from System Off, Power/Joules, Unit F/C, Temp, Coil NI/TI, and Exit . Some settings have selections accessed via the +/- buttons, while others take immediate effect. If this isn’t enough for you, then I would recommend you upgrade to a higher end mod with the DNA 200, SX-330 or SX-350. Now lets talk a little bit about each of these different settings.

System Off: This does what it says, and shuts down the D2 completely. When you enter the menu, this is the first option you see. Selecting either the + or – button will immediately execute a system shutdown, if you like turning off your mod, this is the option to choose. I do wish it was the last, and not the first option though, but that is a personal preference.

Power/Joules: This allows you to switch between wattage (Power) and temperature control (Joules) modes. I am in the temperature control camp, and have not even tried this in Power mode yet. Joules is a completely different beast to what I am used to. My other temp control mods are set by temp/wattage, not joules, so I am still playing around to find the optimum settings for me.

Temp F/C: Sets the temperature display to Fahrenheit or Celsius. I run mine in Fahrenheit. Not much more to say here.

Degrees: Sets the desired temperature. The range is 212-572 Fahrenheit or 100-300 Celsius. I tend to run mine between 440-460 F, depending on the juice.

Coil Ni/Ti: This is where you select the type of temperature controlled coil that you are using. The only options are Nickel (Ni) or Titanium (Ti). This may be a limitation as future coil materials are explored for temp control (like Stainless Steel).

Exit On: Much like System Off, this activates immediately when you select either of the +/- buttons. When selected it simply puts the D2 back into normal operating mode, ready to vape.

Fit and finish: It seems to be fairly solid and well constructed with a couple of exceptions.

The big exception for me is the battery door, it does not seem to be of high quality. Out of the box, it shifts around and feels cheap on the mod, although given the U shaped design, a little squeezing and it can be adjusted to fit perfectly. The story should end here, BUT after vaping for a day and a half, the battery door loosened up again and needed to be “readjusted”. I don’t know if this is because I change batteries several times a day, or the way I hold the device. Either way, it is a huge annoyance and speaks to the quality of the materials selected for the door. I can see this as a potential long term issue with the D2. I am going to try using the USB charge option exclusively for a week and see if that has any impact. If the door continues to loosen, then I will know it is from the way I hold the mod, not just from changing batteries.

The second big issue is the charging port/cable. I really wish this had the standard micro USB port that EVERYONE else is using. I don’t want to have to keep track of yet another proprietary cable, especially one as small as this one is. I will need to find and purchase some spare cables now, one for work, one for the car, and one for home/travel, so that I have them readily available. There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and not having the cable you need, or being able to borrow one from someone else. The D2 can be used for “Pass Through” vaping, so you can use it while charging, making the micro USB port ideal, everyone has many of these cables just lying around. It would also be nice if they had put the port on the side or the back instead of the bottom, so that you could leave the device upright while charging.

The third issue for me is the paint, the color is awesome and I really like the “matte black” over the glossy black of the IPV Mini 2. That said, it does look like it may suffer from the same problems that the Mini 2 does, easy to scratch. The paint where the battery door slides on and off was showing signs of wear when I did my first battery change, and it seems to be getting worse, although this is to be expected whenever two parts rub together. I don’t see any signs of flaking though, but if it does start it will very likely start here. Again this is an impression, only time will really tell for sure.

The fourth issue is the spring loaded 510 connector. It does it’s job and seems to do it well. Unlike the Mini 2, it is perfectly straight, so that my tanks sit completely flush on the D2. Here is where I have a minor issue with it, I do wish there was a 22mm metal base around it, so that I don’t cut “rings” into the finish with the bottom of my tanks, but again, that is a personal thing, I will just have to be careful installing tanks to keep from scratching up the top of the mod.

The buttons feel exceptional, I have no issue here. They provide good positive feedback when pushed. The buttons are solid and have a good quality feel to them. If you shake the mod, there is ZERO button rattle, which I really like. I hate listening to my buttons rattle on some of my other mods. There is absolutely no question when you depress any of the buttons that you hit actually hit the button. If you push the button and don’t get the desired effect, at least you know it isn’t the button’s fault. If I had to say anything negative about them, then they could have spaced the +/- buttons just a little farther apart (I have big fingers), but that really isn’t anything more than a nit picking annoyance.

The size of the D2 is exceptional. It is small (almost too small), and as a result fits very nicely in a pocket. I absolutely love pocket size mods, as I carry everything I own in mine (okay maybe just everything I use daily). My Vapor Flask (which I love) consumes an entire pocket, where the D2 and 2 Unicorn bottles take up just about as much space. The rounded edges of the mod fit nicely into the palm of my hand, and it is small enough that I can maintain a grip with just my thumb if need be.

Overall Impression: Despite my issues/annoyances with the D2, I really like it a LOT. At about $60 (including shipping) for the Wake and Vape kit, it is really the most cost effective mod I have gotten yet. No device (at least for me) is perfect, but this little mod has quickly become my go-to vape. I love the pocket friendly size, the feel of the buttons, and the fact that it has temperature control. The inset display will really help keep the screen from scratching, and it is inset deep enough to help shade the screen for easy viewing in bright light. Battery life so far has been exceptional with this mod, it came with a brand new Samsung 25R and I can run a full day (~10ml juice) of vaping at ~30 joules without needing to change/charge it. The kit I bought came with a carbon fiber wrap that should help with any scratches, and it really makes the D2 look SEXY! Do I love this mod? No, not yet, but it is growing on me more and more every day. If it holds up over a couple more weeks, then I will likely buy another, because it is that good for my vaping style and needs.

Like I said earlier though, this is NOT the mod for everyone. The chipset provides enough  features for most vapers (including power users), but is too simple for many advanced vapers that really like to tweak their vaping experience.


About devauto

I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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  1. CDS says:

    Nice review! Good job and thanks for sharing!

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