Cloupor T5 Review

DISCLAIMER:  Cloupor sent me the T5 for review purposes. While this will not sway my opinion of it, I will be as unbiased as possible in this review, but I wanted to ensure everyone was aware of the circumstances of this review.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, lets get down to business. I have been using this mod for about 2 weeks to get a feel for it and compare it against my other mods fairly. For the purposes of this review I added the T5 to my daily carry of mods, my House of Hybrids ZNA30, and my Cloupor Cana Modz Hana Clone. Each of these has a Russian/Kayfun 3.1 on it, dedicated to a single juice flavor. The builds are all 1w using double strand twisted 30 guage kanthal and an ekowool figure 8 wick. All 3 mods are set at 15.4w which is the sweet spot for my 3 favorite juices (Vape Dojo’s Blueberry Vanilla Tobacco, Black Menthol, and Ruby Red Grapefruit).

For starters, the T5 is HUGE. It is too large and too heavy to comfortably carry in a pocket. It’s made of a single piece of billet aluminum (as far as I can tell anyway), which should be light, but it is almost as heavy as my ZNA which is made of solid steel! The finish was pretty nice at first, but has proven easy to damage, it is not very scratch resistant. Cloupor states they designed this mod from the ground up, including the 50w chip. As I have found no evidence to the contrary I would have to agree that they did. It does however function like most 30w mods, 5 click on/off (actually off though, not standby like a DNA30), 2 buttons for adjusting up and down, a button combo to put it in stealth mode, all in all, not much different functionally than what people are used to.

The built in ohmmeter appears to be spot on with my DNA30 mod, and my Cana Modz clone is only off by .1 (which is consistent with my expectations). The temperature sensor displays in Celsius, and can’t be changed, which (to me) is obnoxious. The reality is that it is only tied to overheating protection so it doesn’t really matter, but it would be nice to have it in Fahrenheit. I hope I never find out if it actually works. 😀 The buttons are plastic, but seem to be quite functional. They do feel kind of nice compared to the buttons on the Cana Modz (small, metal, dig into your fingers), and are easy to push, although stiff enough to not self adjust if you bump them.

The charger port is a standard micro USB port, however, the design is not the best, as it is inset in the base of the mod. The problem is that because of this design, you cannot use a standard micro USB cable, it is not long enough to actually connect, meaning that you MUST use the proprietary (cheap) cable provided by Cloupor. The other issue here is that since it is in the base, you MUST lay it down to charge it, you can’t just plug it in and leave it standing on a counter. If the cable breaks, then you either need to contact Cloupor for a replacement cable, or modify a standard micro USB cable by shaving away at the plastic until it is thin enough to fit in the opening on the mod, you need about 1/8-1/4 of an inch to make this work (depending on the length you have to start with). The charging subsystem is also not the best, I have only once gotten the charge to 99%, most of the time it is at 96% or 97%, and if you leave it on the charger too long, it will actually drop instead of rise, I left it on the charger for about 18 hours and it went down to 87% when I took it off the charger … something is amiss here. A final nail in the coffin on the charging subsystem is that you CANNOT use it as a pass thru device, it will NOT work at all while it is plugged in (I suspect that is a safety feature, but not positive).

Battery life could be MUCH better. I suspect that whatever the problem is with the charging system, it also plagues the battery life. I have identical brand new eFest batteries in both the T5 and the Cana Modz, and the T5 does not come close to lasting anywhere near as long as the Cana. In fact, it is more comparable to the 18490 in my ZNA, which is not a good thing. I did charge it up to 97%, then let it sit, unplugged and turned off, for 24 hours. When I turned it on, it was at 73%. I would have expected, if it were truly off, that it would still be in the 96%-97% range, instead it was fully 24% lower, that is a drop of 1% per hour that it just sat. Since then I have kept a close eye on it just to ensure that there are no signs of it shorting itself out. While I have not seen signs of a short, it has randomly turned itself off while I was vaping. I have not figured out why it does this, but it is mostly infrequent, so we will see how this holds up in long term usage.

The T5 has an adjustable center pin, so that most every standard 510 atomizer will work on it. It has a pretty substantial adjustment range, and all of my Russians, Kayfuns, and drippers worked just fine once the center pin was properly adjusted. The real problem here is that it takes a small Philips head screwdriver to adjust it, and the screw is so loose that it self adjusts itself out of alignment frequently, so you need to carry a screwdriver around to readjust it when it stops working (check atomizer message). The screwdriver they provide is cheap and does not have a hole to put it on a keyring, so I recommend finding one that does, that way you will always have one with you.

Pros (in no particular order):

  1. 50 Watts!
  2. Designed from the ground up
  3. Standard 18650 Battery
  4. Turns OFF (not just a standby lock)
  5. Powers on quickly
  6. Adjustable Center Pin
  7. Solid construction
  8. Large display, lots of useful info
  9. Temperature sensor
  10. Micro USB charger
  11. Buttons, nice feel (although plastic)
  12. Settings lock
  13. Firmware upgradeable (great if they ever release more firmware)
  14. MSRP sub $80 US

Cons (in no particular order):

  1. Size/weight, it’s huge, not pocket friendly! Kayfun on top looks TINY.
  2. Randomly shuts off
  3. Adjustable center pin adjusts itself downward, needs frequent adjusting.
  4. Display too dim, hard to see in most lighting
  5. Resistance/Voltage line on display too small
  6. Puff counter (can’t reset it, too large)
  7. Temperature sensor only Celsius
  8. Micro USB charger is proprietary length. Port is too far inset into base, MUST use cheap cable that is shipped with mod (or carefully modify a standard cable to fit).
  9. NO PASS THRU Vaping
  10. Charging subsystem Voltage leak. Will not charge to 100% best so far is 99% normal overnight charge usually 96%. When fully charged and turned off, will discharge ~24% in 24 hours by itself.
  11. Micro USB port on bottom, not on side, must lay it down to charge, cannot stand upright with cable attached. Don’t try this with a full Genesis atty on it!
  12. Finish mars easily

Bottom Line: If you are on a budget, need a 50w mod, and can find it for the $80 MSRP or lower, then this is the mod to get, you won’t find another one with so many good features in the price range. Otherwise, I would pass on it, mostly because for an additional $20 there are other good mods at the $100 price point that don’t have as many issues. The T5, despite it’s shortcomings, performs admirably with regards to actual usage. It will go as high as 50w (which is pretty much overkill for me) if you need it. It is very large and heavy so it doesn’t fit into pockets very well, something to consider if you carry your gear in your pockets like I do. There are some, in my opinion, design shortcomings, but other than the battery life, nothing that can’t be overcome. I have been using it daily and it has grown on me, to the point that I will continue to use it daily.

As for the comparison with my other mods, it vapes just as well up to the 30w limit on my ZNA and Cana. If you are on a budget and don’t need 50w, then I would recommend a Cloupor Cana Modz box mod for about $70 MSRP, it performs well and I suspect it will last longer and is much easier to carry around. If money is no object, then I can’t say enough good things about the HoH ZNA30, just buy one. I am hoping someday to get the Cloupor ZNA clone so that I can do a direct comparison and see if the clone is as good as the original. If it is, then my recommendations just might change a little … In the end though, I now have 2 Cloupor mods, and they are quality products, all things considered. I will continue to watch Cloupor’s product line and likely do a few more reviews as new products become available.

About devauto

I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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2 Responses to Cloupor T5 Review

  1. Uiguy says:

    This is an excellent reveiw, keep it up! I am looking forward to your ZNA clone reveiw when you get the chance to do one!

  2. spookiewon says:

    I find it large, but not heavy. Otherwise, I agree.

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