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V2 Standard Kit

Likes: batteries, charger. I won the V2 Cigs Standard kit in a contest, from Chad over at http://www.iknowecigs.com and I am glad I did. It came with your standard kit fare, 2 batteries, a charger, and 10 packs of cartos. Since I won this, I did not have an option for the battery size or the carto flavor, but aside from that, I really like the kit. The kit I received has the shortest battery they offer, but it has a decent feel to it sadly the charge doesn’t last long, but it is a small battery. It produces vapor pretty well too. I don’t know what the voltage rating is, but I would guess it’s 4.2v from the way it performs.

Dislikes: battery life, flavor. These dislikes might be different if I were able to choose the battery size and carto flavor at the time of order. Again, I won this kit, so I got what they sent me. While I really like the batteries, despite their short lifespan between charges, I can’t stand the “Reds” flavor cartos that came with it.

Thoughts: If I had purchased this kit first, my other reviews might not be here. From the time I opened the box, I was pretty impressed with the quality feel of the kit. The fact that it came with one manual battery and one automatic battery was fantastic, as this allows me, as a new e-cig user, the ability to try each type PRIOR to purchasing more batteries. I can pick the one I like most for the next order. The charger also has a nice quality feel to it, and it even lights up with the logo in red while charging, and blue when completed. The batteries feel very nice in my hand, although a bit small, but there are larger options available when you order the kit.

Customer Service: This does not apply, I have had no reason to contact customer service about anything so far.


About devauto

I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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