PureCigs Elite Kit

PureCigs Elite Starter Kit

Likes: Long time between charges, nice feel, charge indicator, variable voltage, recommended voltage range, USB Pass Through. This kit came with 2 white Elite batteries, a USB charger, and 5 XL cartomizers. For the current sale price of roughly $72, it is a little more than most starter kits, including PureCigs G4 starter kits and almost all of their competitors. However, at 4X the battery life, the little extra cost is a fair trade. If they only included a color matched case too. The batteries are a little large and cumbersome to carry around so a case would certainly be helpful.

Dislikes: Puff Counter, charger, cartomizer cost, no case. As previously mentioned, these are a pretty substantial size, so I think that a carry case should be included in the kit, even if it raised the price a little. The puff counter is nothing more than a gimmick. It simply increments by one every time the button is pushed, whether it was intentional or not. The charger is one of those “self winding” little spools, and I’m not impressed. I have had too many problems with other products that use this style cable, they fail too easily. In order to be useful and small, a very thin cable has to be used. The problem is that thin cables tend to break pretty easily. I also don’t like the non-standard charging port. I would prefer a standard USB charger on the end that goes into the Elite.

Thoughts: I really like this kit so far. I have only had it for a couple of days now, but I have been spoiled by it. I can’t see myself going back to the cig-a-like style kits from here. The USB pass through is a great feature, I can vape all day, if I could only afford to buy that many XL cartos for it. I am going to have to look into a tank system and juice I think. I have been using my KR808D-1 cartos on it with an adapter, and it has been working very well. I sure hope this holds up. If it does, then PureCigs has a winner.

Customer Support: Pretty good. Jude is excellent, unfortunately he can only do so much. The owner, Mark Nowak is also very helpful. I’m not so sure about the mid-level folks between Jude and Mark though. Previous experience is not favorable, but between Mark and Jude, they have won my business. Jude should be empowered to do more, his service is personal and professional all at the same time.

Update: I have discovered a problem with the button design. While it is nice to have such a raised button, and even nicer to have the 3 push on/off, it is also a downfall. The size of the button, and the fact that it is well raised from the body of the battery, make it easy for the button to get pressed 3 times while it is in a pocket. I always carry these in my pocket, turned off so they don’t activate, and quite frequently I find that when I pull them out of my pocket one or the other (sometimes both) have somehow turned themselves on. On one occassion, I found that my leg was getting pretty hot, when I put my hand in my pocket I discovered my e-cig had not only turned itself on, but it was active and live. The heat I felt was from the carto staying active for long periods of time and over-heating. Needless to say, that particular carto was a complete waste. I think a nice case will preclude this from happening, but I have not found one yet that I like. Just as an aside, battery life is still phenomenal! I can go a full day at work and part of the evening at home all on a single charge of one battery!


About devauto

I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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