SmokeTip Starter Kit:

Likes: Flavor Choices, Free Batteries, Lifetime Battery Warranty, Quality Control. This kit had almost everything you could need, except a Personal Charging Case (PCC). It included 2 Batteries, 5 Starter Cartomizers, a USB Charger, a Wall Adapter for the USB Charger. Since they had such a variety of flavors, I also purchased an additional 3 packs of cartos, 1 Double Fruit, 1 Tropical and Cafe, and 1 Menthol, which came with a free battery. The batteries have held up tremendously well so far, although they don’t last long between charges, so I have to carry all 3 around with me if I am going to be away from a place to charge them. Since there was no case, I had to make due with an empty Altoids Tin, which is big enough to carry all 3 batteries and quite a few cartos. As for the flavors, there are a couple I really enjoy, but not many. I have not tried them all, so I won’t list which I like or dislike yet, I’ll update this review with that information that later. While I don’t care much for most of the flavors I have tried, I have not had a SINGLE DOA carto or failed battery yet, showing a much better QC than PureCigs.

Dislikes: Battery Life, No PCC included, Poor Throat Hit, SLOW Shipping, Bad Customer Service.

Thoughts: While the SmokeTip does not feel as nice in my hand as the PureCigs, I tried very hard to like them because they are one of the cheapest brands out there, and they have not failed me yet. Unfortunately, the Menthol cartos do not have nearly the Throat Hit that PureCigs have, and TH all but disappears with the rest of the flavors. Despite the lack of TH, vapor production is actually pretty good. The Menthol cartos are more like a “mint”, which really took some getting used to. I would prefer a good Menthol blend, but until I find it, I will have to live with these mints.

Customer Service: Absolutely miserable. I called several times regarding the flavor/lifespan issues I had with their cartos, and every single time I felt like I was interrupting something important that the customer service rep could have been doing instead of dealing with customers. As with most companies (as I am finding out) including PureCig, cartos are not covered under a warranty, so those with a short lifespan aren’t SmokeTip’s problem, rather it is the consumer’s problem. I also signed up for their email notifications, and within a couple of days, I got an offer I liked for 50% off of a starter kit. I thought I would order another kit for the extra charger and batteries, so I went to the site and tried to place the order. The coupon code I was using (sent to me BY SmokeTip) was already expired, and had been for more than 30 days I called customer service to ask if they would honor the coupon, and they gave me a hard time before getting around to letting me know that the offer was already expired and they wouldn’t honor it.


About devauto

I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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