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PureCig G4 Deluxe Starter Kit Review: http://www.purecigs.com/6-starter-kits

Likes: This kit came complete with everything you could want. In the box were 2 batteries, a “Personal Charging Case” (PCC), a USB Cable, 5 Starter Cartomizers, a USB Charger, and a Wall Adapter for the USB Charger. So far I have not yet found another kit that includes all of this for the same or less cost. The batteries were fantastic, they have a “Soft Touch” rubberized finish to them that feels good in your hand, and this same finish is on the PCC. The choice of flavors is somewhat limited but do taste fantastic. I did not try the Tobacco flavor, but the rest were awesome. I especially liked the Menthol and Cherry flavors the most. Customer Service, I got to know them pretty well.

Dislikes: Quality controls seems to be a problem, I had 3 batteries fail in less than 3 weeks, one even arrived Dead! The cartomizers weren’t any better from a QC perspective. Out of 30 purchased, 5 were totally DOA, and the ones that weren’t DOA had very inconsistent lifespans. The worst was only a couple of puffs until it died, but thankfully there was only one this bad. The rest lasted between a couple hours and almost a full day. There was no rhyme or reason to this, it wasn’t any particular flavor, they all were equally bad in this regard. 

Thoughts:  I tried really hard to like the PureCig kit that I purchased. This was by far the best value for the money that I have found yet. To make it even better,  I could get through a day with only 2 batteries and the PCC, when one battery died I would put it in the PCC and start charging it while using the other. Unfortunately, the problem is with the quality control of their products. Right off the bat I had signs there may be QC problems, when I opened the starter kit, 2 of the 5 cartridges had leaked a lot in the box. I immediately called them, and they said that the leaking was because the cartos were over-filled, not to worry about it. The Throat Hit was pretty good, so I ordered 4 more packs of their cartos, a Menthol, Risque, Vanilla, and Cherry. While I like the flavors, there are issues, back to quality control:

  a) Cartos had a very sporadic and inconsistent lifespan and flavor range.

  b) NO WARRANTY on the cartos. not even the DOA ones. Out of the 29 cartos I have tried total, 5 were completely DOA (1 didn’t work at all, and the other 4 just burned as soon as I put them on the battery), and about a third of the remaining cartos had a significantly shorter life span.

  c) Extremely high prices. $15.95 for a pack of 6 Cartos, slightly discounted when purchasing 4 boxes at a time.

  d) To put the final nail in the coffin on the PureCig kit, about 3 weeks after I started using it, I unplugged the PCC from charging on my computer’s USB port, and smoke started rolling out of the USB connector on the PCC.

Customer Service:  This is the ONLY reason I kept trying to make Pure work for me. Jude was PHENOMENAL at trying to take care of me. He treated me as if I were his only customer, even when I KNEW he was helping others. I wish their product had held up as well as their customer service did.

UPDATE: As of today, Monday 8 April 2013, PureCig has officially lost my business unless something drastic changes. I coordinated to return my starter kit and try one of their others instead. I filled out the RMA exactly like the customer service rep told me to, and put everything in the mail. The warehouse received it and immediately sent me out replacements for the kit I just sent back, which I didn’t order or ask for. I contacted customer service and was told that I would NOT get my refund until I sent them back the kit they mistakenly sent me. They are effectively holding my money ransome for their warehouse staff’s mistakes. I explained my frustration and was promised I would hear back before they closed with a resolution to the problem. They are now closed and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I can’t in good conscience recommend any company that places greed over customer service.

UPDATE II: As of today, Tuesday 9 April 2013, I heard directly from Mark Nowak, the Owner of PureCigs LLC. Mark explained where things went wrong, and took action to make it right. On Wednesday 10 April 2013, I received an email from PureCigs showing that my order for their Elite starter kit had been placed. I am hopeful to have this in my hands by the weekend so that I can start testing it and writing up the next review. I will rescind my previous recommendation statement for now and we will see where things go from here. Also, for those of you that caught it, I owe a serious apology to Jude Chan, I made an assumption that Jude was female, but discovered over the course of this issue that Jude is actually a male. I have corrected my gender error in the comments referring to Jude.


As of today, Friday, 17 April 2015, this is LONG overdue, in reviewing my posts to see where the gaps are, I discovered that I never followed up with this kit here. The Elite Starter Kit was actually the Innokin iTaste VV v2, and I used them for well over a year. In fact, they are still in service, along with the v3, as emergency backups, loaners for friends, and vapes I carry when I travel. They look like hell at this point, but they still work well! So the bottom line is this, 2 years later I have to say I can HIGHLY recommend this replacement kit or the actual Innokin version of these.



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I am trying to switch to e-cigs to quit smoking, and in the process I thought it would be good to document my various product trials so that others can learn from my journey into this new world of smokeless nicotine.
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